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 A fiction prompt

In hindsight, I should have run over her.

My supervisor, Dave, hired a woman for our team, I’ll call her Shelley.  She was six-foot-tall, three hundred pounds, with bright red hair in a bi-level cut, the left side was just below her earlobe, and the right side was collar length. 

I am not a superficial person; I don’t judge others by their appearance. Hell, I would never win any beauty contests myself.  However, there was something about Shelley… a niggling, prickly sensation at the back of my head, an anxious feeling in my chest, a warning to keep my distance.

A week or so later, on my lunch break, I pulled out of the parking space and headed toward the exit. Shelley stepped right into my path and stopped. Shelley, with her outlandish hair, long purple coat, and gray boots.

Just standing there, staring at me.

After I rolled down my window, she explained that her car was in the shop and she was on foot, would I mind if she rode to lunch with me?

That’s how it started. The next day, when I left for lunch, she went with me.  She always had horrible situations going on in her life, her boyfriend said mean things, her mother said mean things, her friends weren’t generous enough, you name it.  If it was bad, it was happening to her.

Then, she started having money woes, didn’t have enough money for groceries or to buy lunch, didn’t have enough money to buy cigarettes.  It progressed to not having money to pay her rent. I got a drunken, hysterical call one night asking if she could pitch a tent in my backyard because her friend threw her out and she had nowhere else to stay.

I felt drained all the time, exhausted. Then, I got sick.  After nine months of dealing with her, I ended up in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics for a massive respiratory infection. 

Shelley quit her job a few steps ahead of getting fired.  After she left, I never heard from her again.  

In hindsight, I should have run over her.

Enough Is Enough!

No social media until Monday. No Twitter, no Facebook, I may not even watch the news on television.


  1. Scheduled a rally in Tulsa, where the Greenwood Massacre took place in 1921, and has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history”.
  2. Made a tweet threatening protesters with violence if they show up at the rally, and called them “lowlifes”.
  3. Is making people sign a waiver of liability in case they contract CoVID 19 at his rally.
  4. Whining like a little bitch, saying the Supreme Court doesn’t like him because of their rulings on DACA and LGBTQ this week.
  5. Posted a manipulated video of two toddlers on Facebook last night, the eve of Juneteenth, to promote racial tension, and blamed it on CNN. When he was called out, he said it was a parody, meant for a laugh.
  6. Has not acknowledged Juneteenth. At all.

Ansel Elgort

  1. Accuser states she was seventeen, was five feet-two inches tall, and weighed less than one hundred pounds.
  2. Alleged that when he initiated sex, she was terrified and sobbing in pain, but he refused to stop.
  3. Alleged that he told her they “just needed to break her in.”
  4. The same day, an anonymous person tweeted that Ansel is a racist, and likes to use the n-word. This person claims to have gone to high school with Ansel.
  5. Newsweek magazine pointed out that several of the commenters claimed Elgort was the only “Ansel” to have ever attended the school mentioned in the post.

My head is about to split open from all the hate and negativity. My anxiety level is off the chart. In the wise words of Mr. Leary, it’s time to turn on, tune in, and drop out!

365 Writing Prompts – Day 26

January 26, 2017 — Something You Heard A Friend Say

Today at work, I heard one coworker tell another that she was really excited to see Fifty Shades Darker.

The second woman seemed a little perplexed and asked, “Hmm, have you read the books?”

The first woman replied that she’d read them all but, “I didn’t read them for the sexy stuff, I loved the whole romance, and how they built their relationship…”

My tongue managed to slip its restraints and said, “Yeah, and most men read Playboy for the articles.”

We all laughed and then later, the second woman came to my desk and said, “I wonder if she knows about all the really good stuff that’s available online. Those Fifty Shades books are like something a high school girl would write…”

365 Writing Prompts – Day 25

January 25, 2017 — Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream is Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge, I’ve loved it since the first time I tasted it in 1970.

It is premium ice cream, wonderfully creamy, with a subtle coffee flavor. The fudge ribbons are nice and thick to intensify the milk chocolate flavor. The almonds have been roasted, they’re crunchy and delightful.

If you haven’t tried it, you should!

Lazy, Fun Saturday

The second generation katzen are with their father and his family for the weekend and Leslie is out with friends. I’ve finished my chores and decided to redecorate the netbook.

Because of my mad google skills, I was able to find the exact photo I wanted for wallpaper, and to pour gravy on top, it was an HD screen grab! Also, because I’m so delighted, I had to share.

My new Desktop!

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

Today started badly: I overslept, not enough to be late, but enough that I had to rush, which makes me crazy. Next, when I opened email, there were several very demanding, bordering on insulting emails from last Friday, after I’d already left for the day. I waded through and answered them as courteously as possible, without responding as I would have preferred. The rest of the day wasn’t much better – my coworkers getting wound up tight over really stupid, unnecessary stuff.

Then, we had our weekly department meeting at 2pm. One of the managers came in a couple of minutes late, obviously distressed, her eyes still red from crying, and visibly shaking. She told us she’d just received a call from a family member who couldn’t confirm if it was true, but believed that their nephew had shot and killed himself this morning. She excused herself to go make phone calls and find out what, if anything, had happened.

After she left, the room erupted and several of my coworkers were informing the others about the nephew, what a mess he was, constantly making trouble, etc., and finished the explanation with, “But what do you expect with such crappy parents?!”

My heart felt like it was being dragged over a cheese grater. I wanted to jump to the parents’ defense, but I couldn’t make my voice work. Then, I spent the rest of the day wondering if that’s how people think about Sean, Jeff and me.

Oh well, one of these days, I’m going to resolve this in my head and feel better about it. Until then, I have to don some heavy armor and stop worrying about what other people think/say/do.

But, just for the record, Mondays suck.

Riding On The City Of New Orleans

Of course, you know that over the past four years, my sister Linda, the Eldest Katzen, and I both lost our sons, our mother, and our sister. Saturday morning, we were talking on the phone and she stated that the two of us should take a few days and forget about everything; no worries, no tears, no responsibilities, and just have fun, like we used to do before life got complicated.

Totally out of the blue, I told her that I’ve never been to New Orleans. She asked if I had the computer on (like she had to ask), then told me to search for cheap flights from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Tulsa. She started searching for hotel deals. I booked flights from KC and she booked the hotel. The total price for both is so low, I’m too ashamed to quote it.

So, we’re heading to the Big Easy next month and staying on Conti Street in the French Quarter 10/11-10/15!11!!!!eleven!!1!

I barely slept last night, and a couple of times today at work, I got so excited, I actually felt a bit fluttery, bordering on nauseous.

Now, here’s where you all come in. Since I’ve not been at all, and Linda hasn’t been for dangerously close to twenty years, neither of us have a real clue what is hot and what is not. Aside from having a Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s and dinner at Oceana, what else do we need to make a point to see/do?