Day 61

March 2, 2017 – Are You Being Served?
Tell us the most dreadful or wonderful experience you’ve ever had as a customer.

There is a well known fast-food restaurant a couple of blocks from my office building. Kara, Terryn and I always go there on Tuesdays. I’m not sure why we settled on Tuesdays, but we did. We go inside to order because the drive-through is always 7-8 cars deep.

Dontae is the young man who waits on us. He greets us by name, but makes sure to add a “Miss” e.g., Miss Kara, Miss Connie, Miss Terryn. He’s an absolute doll.

This past Tuesday, several of the ladies in the office gave us money and asked if we’d pick lunch up for them as well. When all the orders were finished, Dontae found a box big enough to hold everything, then carried it out to the car for us.

He’s a good kid, and with his initiative and kind nature, he will be a success wherever he goes.

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