Day 127

May 7, 2017 When you think back to your childhood, what moment first comes to mind?

When I was seven, my dad purchased his first brand new car. To christen it, our family took a driving vacation to Texas. My mother had planned everything weeks a head of time, but when we arrived at the hotel, they had our reservation down for the following day, and there were no rooms available. We went to several different places, but always the same answer. No Room at the Inn.

So, we slept in the car. Dad, Mom, my sister, her husband, their year old daughter, my older brother, my twin, Cathy and me. Dad, Mom, and my brother slept sitting up in the front seat. My sister and brother-in-law wedged themselves together on the back seat, my baby niece slept on the back dash, above her parents, Cathy and I curled up on either side of the hump in the back seat floor.

Still to this day, we talk and laugh about it. Even as nightmarish as that first night was, we all think of it as our favorite family outing.

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