Enough Is Enough!

No social media until Monday. No Twitter, no Facebook, I may not even watch the news on television.


  1. Scheduled a rally in Tulsa, where the Greenwood Massacre took place in 1921, and has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history”.
  2. Made a tweet threatening protesters with violence if they show up at the rally, and called them “lowlifes”.
  3. Is making people sign a waiver of liability in case they contract CoVID 19 at his rally.
  4. Whining like a little bitch, saying the Supreme Court doesn’t like him because of their rulings on DACA and LGBTQ this week.
  5. Posted a manipulated video of two toddlers on Facebook last night, the eve of Juneteenth, to promote racial tension, and blamed it on CNN. When he was called out, he said it was a parody, meant for a laugh.
  6. Has not acknowledged Juneteenth. At all.

Ansel Elgort

  1. Accuser states she was seventeen, was five feet-two inches tall, and weighed less than one hundred pounds.
  2. Alleged that when he initiated sex, she was terrified and sobbing in pain, but he refused to stop.
  3. Alleged that he told her they “just needed to break her in.”
  4. The same day, an anonymous person tweeted that Ansel is a racist, and likes to use the n-word. This person claims to have gone to high school with Ansel.
  5. Newsweek magazine pointed out that several of the commenters claimed Elgort was the only “Ansel” to have ever attended the school mentioned in the post.

My head is about to split open from all the hate and negativity. My anxiety level is off the chart. In the wise words of Mr. Leary, it’s time to turn on, tune in, and drop out!

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