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So, there’s this…

The past three days at work have been mind-numbingly stupid. Stupid mistakes made by others for me to fix, the explanations are not clear as to what was done and what needs to be done to correct it. This requires enormous amounts of research. Additionally, there is a quota of claims I’m required to finish each day. If it takes twenty to thirty minutes just to find the issue… you see where I’m going.

In the good news department, I had a very happy dream about my mom last night. She was in good health and in good spirits and, in the dream, we had a very nice time. I’m choosing to believe that she actually paid me a visit just to let me know she is okay and happy, and that I should be, too.

So, now that I’m finished working and finished talking about it, I think I’ll take a nice hot bath and soak away the day. Have a great evening!