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The Hot Mess that is Rowan County, KY

For the most part, I try my best to stay out of political discussions, simply because I have friends and family on both sides of the fence. It’s in my greater interest to keep quiet than to start arguments. The majority of people on my friends’ list are adults and have formed their opinions from life experience. While it would make me so happy if everyone could try to see both sides of the issue, I realize that isn’t going to happen, and let’s face it, we’re not going to solve any problems cussing and discussing on the internet. However…

Kim Davis.


I just keep remembering what Jesus told the Pharisees and Herodians in Matthew 22 and Mark 12. First, Jesus called them hypocrites for questioning him about paying taxes, then asked them to produce a coin suitable for paying said taxes, then asked them whose head and inscription was on the coin. They responded “Caesar’s.”

Jesus told them “render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and render unto God what belongs to God.”

Mrs. Davis took an oath and works in an office bearing the Kentucky State Seal. Kentucky has complied with the Supreme Court ruling to issue marriage license to everyone. She failed to render, as Jesus instructed her…

In this particular situation, I do not believe she is a martyr to be held in esteem. If her morals and beliefs are compromised, she needs to resign her position and find a more suitable place to work.

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

Today started badly: I overslept, not enough to be late, but enough that I had to rush, which makes me crazy. Next, when I opened email, there were several very demanding, bordering on insulting emails from last Friday, after I’d already left for the day. I waded through and answered them as courteously as possible, without responding as I would have preferred. The rest of the day wasn’t much better – my coworkers getting wound up tight over really stupid, unnecessary stuff.

Then, we had our weekly department meeting at 2pm. One of the managers came in a couple of minutes late, obviously distressed, her eyes still red from crying, and visibly shaking. She told us she’d just received a call from a family member who couldn’t confirm if it was true, but believed that their nephew had shot and killed himself this morning. She excused herself to go make phone calls and find out what, if anything, had happened.

After she left, the room erupted and several of my coworkers were informing the others about the nephew, what a mess he was, constantly making trouble, etc., and finished the explanation with, “But what do you expect with such crappy parents?!”

My heart felt like it was being dragged over a cheese grater. I wanted to jump to the parents’ defense, but I couldn’t make my voice work. Then, I spent the rest of the day wondering if that’s how people think about Sean, Jeff and me.

Oh well, one of these days, I’m going to resolve this in my head and feel better about it. Until then, I have to don some heavy armor and stop worrying about what other people think/say/do.

But, just for the record, Mondays suck.

Overt with a hint of hate

I just heard this joke on Family Guy and while it is so completely wrong and offensive on so many levels, I can’t quit laughing about it . . .

Peter: Which would you rather have: A massage by a gay male masseur or surgery by a Hispanic female surgeon?
Quagmire: so, my choices are a massage by a gay man or death?
Peter: Okay, here’s another one. Let Amy Winehouse spit in your mouth or eat a raw slice of Anderson Cooper’s ass?
Joe: Sign me up for Cooper.